What is the Future of Business Telephony ?

What is the Future of Business Telephony ?

 Software is the ultimate advancement when it comes to technology as you are not limited by the capability of any hardware, for a long time now "hosted" has been seen as the ultimate advancement for business telephony, being able to have a phone system that is in the cloud and managed remotely for a fixed price per user per month.

At Diacom Networks we believe renting a small bit of a massive phone system in the cloud is not the future, this method is still limiting the ability for the customer to adopt features such as website integration, mobile applications, web conferencing, desktop applications as well as integration to other cloud based applications like office 365 or CRM's which we find as we are moving more and more into a virtualised office enviroment, the customer is requiring this type of technology.

This is why we feel that the combination of having the capability of a software defined PBX mixed with the flexibility of a "open standard" based telephony platform is the future, adopting this method and presenting this to our potential customers has seen our customer base grow by 40% in 2019 alone.


So where can i find a open standard, software based PBX ?

3CX is our choice and recommendation for anybody that is looking at investing in their telephony infrastructure because it meets our now specific criteria for what we would believe is a good investment into your telephony infrastructure, software and open standard based.



                 Open standards = cost effectiveness 

 3CX being a open standard based business phone system, having complete transparency when it comes to price is now forced into the favour of the customer, instead of a traditional per user per month price or even having a separate cost for a handset, then a license, then a voicemail card, instead 3CX is priced on a simple for concurrent call basis making 3CX extremely cost effective and in some cases FREE. click here to see for yourself.


                       Easy to deploy - Install anywhere

Run 3CX On-premise or in the Cloud – whatever makes most sense for the customer, as long as you have existing virtualised servers we can install 3CX on site or we can take all the headache away from you and install your 3CX in one of our telephony focused data centres.


                        Mobility - work from anywhere

3CX has the full range of features that modern businesses require today. Integrated video conferencing at no charge, Mobility Apps for iOS, Android, Mac and Windows and a modern web client will deliver tangible productivity gains for your customers.


                              Why not try for yourself ?

As 3CX is purely software based, you can try 3CX for yourself and see if you like the platform, click here and trial the future of communications today!





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