The ability for organisations to Virtualise there server requirement has been available for some time now. Key players such as VM-Ware and Microsoft HyperV have made the requirement for separate servers for individual business applications redundant. And quite rightly to.

The performance and resiliency of the server hardware has increased exponentially, whilst the cost of the required hardware has reduced. And it’s all open standard architecture.

Traditionally Telephone System by comparison have always been based on proprietary platforms. Where manufacturers own the Proprietary Hardware Platform that there Proprietary Software sits on. If they make that product that supports your communications end of life, you cannot buy the Hardware from another manufacturer. If they say you need upgrade the platform hardware for new features, you can only buy this from them. Not an ideal situation.

Some forward thinking Telephony manufacturers have taken a different stance and reversed this archaic policy, they have in effect seen the light.

Rather than making there IP Telephony Platforms proprietary hardware based. They have the system software open standard compliant, and divorced I from the need to be deployed inside one of the there own boxes. What does this mean.

  1. You can deploy an IP Telephony Platform within your own servers, within a virtualised environment that you already have deployed and know inside out.
  2. The Virtualised Telephony application itself is very light weight, the demands on the your existing servers is negligible. So no additional costs in hardware.
  3. As the IP Telephony platform is just another application in your virtualised servers. It will also fit in with any back up DR policies making it more resilient.
  4. Its very cost effective to deploy and own, there is no proprietary tin to buy or maintain.
  5. Its easy to upgrade, its just software like any other software package you have already. If its needs anything further from a RAM or Disk Space perspective in the future. Its open standard source.

Ask us for further detail on what manufacturers we recommend for this environment.

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