i-Flex Telephony

The ability for you to communicate with your customers, and your customers with you is vital, it’s the lifeblood by which any commercial organization breathes.

Its also one of the most important aspects of any organization internally. The ability for your staff to speak to each other within the business easily and effectively, to collaborate and engage. To have a vibrant and dynamic flow of ideas and instructions between the key delivery areas.

The requirements for business communications have never been more dynamic than at present. Or on the face of it more complex. The WWW and Voice over IP is changing the methods for communication available to all business forever.

The key to selecting the right solution for your business is good advise, and also the ability to choose the correct platform on which to build moving forward.

Diacom Networks Ltd are fully approved partners with a number of key suppliers. Our task to ensure that we recommend the right overall combination of these to meet your needs. No two systems are the same, whether these are Internet Hosted, Locally Hosted, hardware based. You need advise.

Diacom Networks Ltd have selected the following key suppliers on which to build our recommendations to your business.

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