Data Networks

Whether your Local Network, Wide Area Network or Internet connectivity the exchange of information need to be one thing. Fast and Efficient.
Business users demand speedy access to any level of information they require, whether internal or externally sourced.
Your communications links can never be fast enough, your LAN, WAN, Wireless and Internet connections will always be under demand to delivery information as quickly as possible.

The Internet has changed how we do business forever. It has also changed users demands on the network connections forever as well.

Diacom Networks have a very specific set of skill sets in this area. We do not supply PC’s, Server and alike. We target the network, the plumbing by which all users transfer and receive information.

Our highly skilled network engineers can work with your business to design the right network for your needs. To ensure that mission critical applications crucial to your business are not just treated the same as all the other “noise” that is moving around the network on a day to day basis.

Ask us about the following services.

  1. LAN, WAN and Wireless LAN design, support and deployment.
  2. Ensuring the configuration of your network is optimum. As your using VLans in the correct manner, are they set up in the right way.
  3. Support for your infrastructure, trouble shooting, pre-emptive planning and DR planning.
  4. We can provide consultancy services if needed. To help you understand what you have, where you should be going. And how to get there in the most cost effective route.

Diacom Networks have a range of suppliers and vendors that we draw from. Below is an outline of these.

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