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What is i-Flex (Intelligent Flexibility)

In order for your company to secure the products and services outlined by Diacom Networks when we have reviewed your requirements. It is important that we can offer the most cost effective method financially for your business to proceed to an order.

This is no longer simply a question of Opex or Capex, Leasing or Rental. Its about offering intelligent and flexible options that allows you the customer to move forward with the purchase and deployment and secure the desired results.

This is where the i-Flex concept comes into play.

i-Flex is a procurement solution for Diacom Networks customers. It allows you as a business to amortise any product, service or combination of aspects that you require for your business into a fixed monthly opex cost.

Payments are off balance sheet so appear as a rental, but can be constructed to allow you to own any asset included in the overall package at the end of the primary term if you desire.

You can have the costs broken down to suite your needs.

Annually, Quarterly or Monthly. 3,5,7 year terms or any mix in between.

All as a simple Per User Per Month costs which will include all support and deployment costs.

Ask us to include this with your proposal. Remember what JP Getty said about financing.

According to JP Getty, “If it appreciates, buy it. If it depreciates, lease it.”

With i-Flex our customers get the best of both worlds.

IP Telephony

There is so much choice in today’s market for companies to tailor their voice solution and control their operational costs. Diacom Networks want to make sure you get the right service, and the right product in place to meet your needs.

Whether it’s Hosted IP Telephony under our i-Flex TaaS (Telephony as a Service) Hosted platform, or on-site with one of our approved partner platforms (Mitel, NEC or UNiFY). We can find the right solution for you and your business.


Has your business invested in Virtualised Server Environments? If you have HyperV or VM Ware deployed into your business you should investigate into moving to Virtualised Telephony. You have in place the ideal environment to move from black box proprietary Telephony to the world of Open Standard based IP Telephony. Ask us how this can be achieved and what the improvements in resiliency, functionality and cost savings are.

Data Networks

How is your present network performing? How is your Wireless LAN performing? Do you want to adopt new technologies such as 802.11AC Gigabit Wireless? Or improve the speed of your internet connectivity? One thing that is very important is the speed and resiliency of the whole of your network. Talk to us about the projects we have deployed, how we have helped our customers and how we can help you.

Cloud Services

The IP Cloud is changing how businesses operate, how they access information and back up critical information. Ask about our cloud service offerings and how they combine with the other aspects of your communications infrastructure.

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