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SSS Managed Services Ltd

Company profile

Established in 1995, SSS Management Services is an independent contract management services provider. Specialist’s in facilities and property management, SSS Management Services provides a range of services including contract monitoring, benchmarking, supplier auditing and management reporting. A centralized helpdesk manages planned maintenance and reactive service deployment together with proactive response to alert and alarm systems.

The underlying philosophy of SSS Management Services is to produce a more effective operation for clients by providing complementary support to their existing FM resources. There aim is to identify all areas where operational efficiencies can be made and to raise the level of service from suppliers.

Business situation

SSS Management main call center located in Bristol SSS were using a Nortel Meridian Option 11 and Symposium Call Centre statistical reporting package supplied by BT. The system had been made end of life and was proving to be expensive to maintain and support on going.

The client also used a Call Recording platform that was end of life and this also was proving to be difficult to support as a product.

Further resilience was also desired from the core system, with the potential to look to install diverse routed ISDN lines in case of an ISDN line failure at the exchange.

Technical situation

As a business the Call Centre in Bristol is an essential part of their business and actually intrinsic to how they provide a service for their customers. And therefore revenues for the business.

It was therefore unacceptable for them as a business to have a product in place on which the business depends that is not in fully supported by the manufacturer.

Some upgrade options were explored for the Meridian, but these proved to be very expensive and the decision was made to invite competitive bids from new potential suppliers.


Diacom Networks Ltd put forward a solution from Mitel with the CS5000 HX and CSM Call Center Reporting Software. A Retell ISDN30 PRI based Call Recorder was also recommended which is integrated into the CS5000 via SMDR.

Commercially and technically this proved to be the right choice moving forward and was selected by the customer.


The CS5000 HX is a very feature rich and cost effective platform on which to base any call center application. It is simple to manage, and provides a comprehensive range of functions as no cost options.

CSM also represents an excellent real time statistical reporting package, simple to manage yet intuitive in its reports. Retell Recorders also represent very good value yet are highly featured and as such delivery a very cost effective return on investment.

Overall the solution offered by Diacom Networks Ltd has proved to be a sound investment for SSS Management Ltd. And has delivered what the customer required technically, and commercially moving forward. With a much lower total cost of ownership proposition.

Products and services

Since the initial deployment, we have extended the services offer to the client by Diacom Networks Ltd. These have included the following.

Deployment of a resiliently linked Mitel CS5000 HX into there Aylesford Offices. This in now networked via VoIP to Bristol. And in the event of an ISDN Failure to the call center at Bristol, calls are fed to Aylesford and delivered into the call centre over the Data Networks. This was far more cost effective than a separate diverse link to Bristol from a separate exchange.

CTI Scripting Prompts delivered by Xarios Phone Manager to ensure calls are answered correctly. Agents are shown exactly what phrasing should be use to answer the call.

SSS are extensive users of None Geographic 08 numbers. We now manage their entire number range and offer a more customer focused service for this vital part of their business. We also were able to increase their revenue share from these numbers.

Both sites are maintained and supported under a service level agreement supplied by Diacom Networks Ltd.

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