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Premier League Football Club

Company profile

Due to the high profile nature of this client, and confidentiality requested as part of a trading relationship. We are not in a position to provide full details of the organizations name and nature of business as part of this case study directly.

We can state that they are a highly renowned Premier League Football Club based in the north of the UK, with one of the strongest and most recognizable brands in the world with a truly extensive international fan base.

We have had a long trading relationship with this client built around our ability to support them as a client and also recommend solutions that meet there business needs.

Business situation

Our initial engagement with the client arose due to their desire to expand their corporate sponsorship division in order to capitalize on the strength of their brand and the potential revenues that can be generated. The decision was made to actively increase the focus and sales activity based around the area of corporate sponsorship and product placement. In response to a business decision, an office in central London was opened to act as a base of operations. This required a small communications system to be deployed which could, if required, link to their main site in the north of England in the future.

Introduction Process

Initially the business engaged a communications consultant to assess their needs. This was a new venture and they wanted to ensure that they got the right foundation in place with which to move forward.

The Managing Director of Diacom Networks Ltd had previously worked with the consultant selected, and as such there was a level of understanding of the services that could be offered. As a result Diacom Networks Ltd was invited to offer a proposal.

Initially a simple solution based around an Aastra BusinessPhone of around 16 Extensions with an ISDN30 was selected and installed. Since then there has been significant growth both in the number of users at the London Office, but also in the expansion into new emerging markets for corporate sponsorship. This included a move of the London Office to allow for double the number of staff.

Present Solution Deployed

Since the small initial start, and engagement with Diacom Networks Ltd, we have worked with them closely to develop and adapt their communications to meet the needs of this dynamic organization. The solution now in use has over 100 users in London and an International Office in Hong Kong with 50 users. This international office was deployed mid 2012 with great success.

We have worked hard to develop a long-term partnership with this client over a period of time. And are now trusted partners of the business, looking after a division which accounts for over a 3rd of the total revenue they generate annually.

Products and services used

The customers present solution consists of the following products and services supplied:

  • Mitel CS5000 HX
  • Network via VoIP and MPLS to Hong Kong
  • Xarios Presence Management and CTI all users
  • Maintenance and Support for UK and Hong Kong

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