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Park Cakes Ltd

Company profile

Park Cake is the leading UK private label producer of premium cakes and desserts and a major supplier of pastry products. With over seventy years of baking tradition, Park Cake develops and produces one of the highest quality ranges of cakes and desserts in the market.

Supplying almost exclusively to the leading UK grocery retailers, Park Cake manufactures in five key product categories: slab cake, mini
bites, sponge rolls, whole cake, and hot eating desserts. The company operates from two production facilities in the North West of England: Oldham and Bolton.

Business situation

Park Cake’s communications infrastructure was in need of attention. Both of their sites were serviced by ageing UNiFY communications platforms. Oldham was using a 2nd User UNiFY HiCom 350e and Bolton, a UNiFY GPT ISDX. Both platforms were developing technical issues which brought into question their long term viability.

This also raised business continuity issues for the company. A further technical issue was that Oldham had an extensive DECT
system, consisting of over 40 DECT Base Stations and over 200 DECT Handset Users. The DECT Base Stations were also for the most part End-of-Life, and therefore needed to be replaced. Budgetary restrictions insisted that the existing hardware must be redeployed as much as possible to reduce costs. But this proved a difficult term to meet, as most of their existing infrastructure was End-of-Life.

Technical situation

After a lengthy and involved investigation into a range of solutions from different manufacturers, it was concluded that the most cost effective and technically viable solution by far was to deploy a UNiFY HiPath 3800 for both Oldham and Bolton.
UNiFY were keen to keep an existing customer, and worked very closely with Diacom Networks to ensure that the solution offered was correctly configured and technically underwritten to make sure it would operate to the customer’s satisfaction and that it was
commercially at the right level to make the whole project viable for the customer.


The UNiFY 3800 solution was purchased from Diacom Networks Ltd. The entire base infrastructure at the Oldham site was replaced, including all DECT Base Stations. This enabled the customer to retain and re-deploy the existing DECT Handsets, yet ensure that the core system was fully supported and up to date.

Bolton also had a 3800 installed and the two sites were networking using HiPath HG1500 IP cards. This allowed the two sites to be seamlessly networked together via Voice over IP. But also made it possible to expand the use of Voice over IP throughout the campus in the future as their communications continue to develop and adapt to their business needs.

A further benefit of the sites being networked is that this will give them centralized operator services and shared access to the Xpressions Voice Mail. The networking also allowed us to address further issues associated with business continuity. In the event of a line failure, calls in the network can be diverted to either site and then routed via VoIP to the remote site. This ensures service is maintained even if there is a local exchange issue with the ISDN.


Park Cakes achieved all the objectives set out in the brief provided:

  • A total technology refresh at the core for both sites.
  • Implementation of new technology which will allow them to develop their communications for the future.
  • Capability to migrate and explore the benefits of Voice over IP for users within the business as and when required.
  • And achieve this at a commercially viable price point.

Products and services

  • UNiFY 3800 Communications Platforms
  • Extensive DECT Deployment
  • Networking via Voice over IP
  • Maintenance and Support Agreement
  • Calls and Lines with DR Plan.

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