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Impetus Automotive

Company profile

Impetus Automotive is a specialist business consultancy working with clients to make processes faster, information more accurate and communication clearer. Impetus deliver bespoke solutions to Manufacturers across the Globe with our comprehensive market intelligence, strategic planning and continuous development of innovative software solutions.

For many years, Impetus has developed a reputation for working closely with there Clients to deliver bespoke and tailored solutions to address specific business challenges. Their vision is clear – to be a significant and valued partner supplying Sales and After-Sales support services to the automotive industry. Their programs and projects are diverse, and their philosophy is simple – work to develop and implement cost effective solutions that deliver measurable results.

Business situation

Impetus Automotive have been an existing customer of Diacom Networks for many years. Over time we have worked with them, expanding and adapting there Inter-Tel Axxess system to meet the needs of this rapidly expanding business. Supporting and advising with regard to their communications as required.

Originally their offices were located in the centre of Leamington Spa. However they faced a situation where they had outgrown the Inter-Tel Axxess system at the software and hardware level deployed. As such it needed to be reviewed when the time was right. The business was also looking to relocate to new purpose built premises, located in Warwick near the M40 with easier access to the motorway networks for their customers, and improved parking facilities for the staff and visitors.

This move acted as a catalyst to review the advancement of their communications system. There was also the need to concentrate the services delivered by their Customer Research department, which conducted mystery shopper surveys for motor manufacturers.

This led them to review their requirements and also look to new communications solutions which could adapt further to their changing needs.

Technical situation

Diacom Networks conducted a review of their needs for moving forward. Options were considered from Mitel and also NEC as an alternative.

When looking at their needs with a consultative approach, it became clear that the best solution for moving forward was actually to migrate away from the Mitel option, and focus on the NEC SV8100.

The main reason for this was the fact that the “MyCalls” application used for call reporting is also able to support full call recording. This feature was vital to the Customer Research department.


When the office move was conducted, an NEC SV8100 with “MyCalls” Call Manager and Call Recording was deployed. Their existing numbers were transferred to SIP Trunks so that they could keep all of the DDI Numbers that their customers already had. And an ISDN30 was also deployed to ensure that they had resiliency.

A very interesting application was the use of SIP based soft-phones on a USB Memory Stick for remote research agents.

Impetus Automotive had the need to conduct research and use temp agents with regional dialects for specifically contracted research campaigns. These soft-phones are sent out to the temps, who then connect them to the USB connection in their own PC. They then connect back to the Head Office via a VPN.

This means the following solution was offered:

  • Regional Dialect Temps can be sourced readily and work from home
  • The SIP soft-phones connect back to the main NEC SV8100 and as such, their full activity can be viewed through “MyCalls” to ensure that work is being conducted as required
  • All research calls are conducted, and can be sent to the client for review and reporting on the results of the surveys that Impetus have be contracted to produce


The solution provided gives them a highly adaptable and advanced communication platform that can grow and change with their needs. The company is still expanding and growing rapidly. There has recently been a management buy-out, and the new board has very specific plans for growth and for offering further services to their clients to generate bottom line revenues for the business.

The NEC SV8100 presents a platform that can grow and adapt very readily in the future. And this is key to their business plans moving forward.

Products and services your company used

The solution deployed, consisted of the following key core technologies and products.

  • NEC SV8100
  • MyCalls Call Manager and Call Recording Application. CounterPath Seabeam Stick SIP Softphone
  • SIP Trunk Provision

Services provided by other groups or companies

We also provide Impetus with the following services as a customer:

  • Maintenance and Support
  • Calls and Line Rental Contract

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