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Hodge Clemco Ltd

Company profile

Leading the way in surface preparation since 1959, Hodge Clemco has consistently been the leader in the manufacture and supply of abrasive blast cleaning and surface treatment equipment.

Our product portfolio ranges from portable abrasive blast cleaning equipment, hand blast cabinets, soda blast equipment, blast rooms and a full range of JBlast and recyclable abrasives for use in our equipment. Blast cleaning has evolved into a technically advanced and environmentally safe means of cleaning under the development of the Hodge Clemco and Wolverhampton Abrasives’ brand of products.

Business situation

Hodge Clemco had an ageing Nortel Meridian Option 11 system supported by BT installed in their Sheffield Offices supported by BT. This utilized a very high number of analogue trunks to deliver service to the business.

The Meridian was outdated, and due to maintenance charges and the fact that they had more analogue lines than actual users on the system, proved very expensive annually to support and maintain moving forward.

It was inflexible, difficult to manage and administer, and had no Direct-Dialing facility due to the analogue line connectivity.

The decision was made by the business to review the market, and see what solutions were available from a range of suppliers, which would result in improved communications for the business. With a lower total cost of ownership for moving forward.

Technical situation

Diacom Networks were invited to submit a proposal by the Hodge Clemco IT team. When reviewing their needs, it became obvious that the best choice in their case was a system, which delivered the highest level of functionality and inherent flexibility, but all within the base level package, so that commercially there was little need for costly additional options.

Hodge Clemco did have a few specific ideas on what they wanted to achieve moving forward, but were mainly looking for a partner to work with them to assist with crystallizing their needs as a business.

It was very much a case of sitting down with the users, understanding what their issues were with the present system, understanding how they communicate with their customer, and establishing how this could be improved through the investment in new technology.

Diacom’s presales team took out some time to work through this with the customer, and focused the solution on the key areas that were discovered as part of this process.


It was clear after the discussions with the customer that that the most suitable system from our portfolio was the Mitel CS5000 HX. It fitted the profile exactly.

After a presentation was conducted to the management and users, they fully agreed, and an order was placed directly after the presentation was conducted.

The core solution was as follows:

  • Mitel CS5000 HX
  • Migrate all Analogue Numbers to ISDN30 and provide DDI
  • Utilize the inbuilt and extensive Voice Mail and Automatic Attendant facilities inherent within the CS5000
  • Deploy Voice Mail to Email notification services which are standard in the system
  • Xarios Phone Manager GUI deployed to allow direct control of the users Phone via there PC
  • Deploy IP DECT for the users which a rarely at there desks to ensure that they can be readily contacted as needed
  • A ZyXEL PoE LAN was implemented to cater for the deployment of the Mitel Voice over IP Solution. And this is now supported under there maintenance contract to ensure continuity


The above solution was leased, and proved to be lower in cost than their existing budgeted expenditure on the legacy Meridian.

Hodge Clemco was therefore able to conduct a total technology refresh and deliver all the enhancements that they were looking to achieve, with no increase in their present budgeted revenue stream.

Since the deployment of the Sheffield HQ site, we have also now installed a system in their Harlow site, and networked the two together via Voice over IP.

Harlow is effectively a mirror of Sheffield, though with fewer users.

Products and services

Hodge Clemco has a service level agreement in place for their Sheffield and Harlow offices. We also look after their calls and lines as a one stop service provision.

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