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Ultra Furniture Ltd

Company profile

Ultra Furniture have been making upholstery and furniture on the same site for over 20 years, providing a wide range of upholstered furniture to some of the leading UK furniture retailers.

In 2005, the company underwent a management buy-out through which the current board was formed. Since then, Ultra Furniture has continued to develop its facilities, design capabilities and quality systems to be able to provide an unparalleled service to its customers. There business has enjoyed significant growth through a strong customer satisfaction ethic as there focus.

Business situation

Ultra Furniture Ltd were using a legacy Nortel Meridian to provide there communications. The system was end of life and proving expensive to maintain and service. Parts were scarce and support costs were getting very high making them consider their options moving forward.

Customer service is at core of Ultra Furniture’s business. It was decided by the senior management that there present communications were not delivering the service levels that they set as business. And were also not presenting good value due to the high on going costs associated with the Meridian.


After a lengthy and through investigation process, a solution from Diacom Networks Ltd was selected. This consisted of the following elements.

  • NEC SV8100 IP Communications Platform
  • NEC MyCalls Call Management, CTI and Call Recording
  • NEC IP DECT Cordless Telephony Solution
  • ZyXEL Resilient LAN with PoE for Voice over IP
  • Overhaul the Calls and Lines Contracts to eliminate billing issues caused by the previous suppliers lack of cooperation
  • DASS to ISDN30e upgrade via Protocol Converter
    • Benefits

      The NEC SV8100 proved to be flexible and simple to manage. The platform acts as the core communications platform and has been able to deliver the enhancements that were desired. At a cost effective and affordable price point.

      Key to many of the enhancements required was the NEC SV8100 MyCalls Application. Call response time reports can be now reviewed and analyzed to ensure the internal SLA’s for customer service are met. And also Call Recording is used to ensure any customer issues can be dealt with accurately, and that a successful resolution for all parties involved can be reached.

      Voice over IP has been utilized for all extension users, with a range of IP Endpoints selected by the customer according to the end users individual needs.

      An IP DECT Solution was also deployed site wide to provide internal mobile communications to key users. These users work within the offices and factory areas and need to contacted wherever they are located within the premises.

      A new LAN was deployed which supported further resiliency to ensure that the Data services were maintained at all times. This included Power over Ethernet for the IP Endpoints and also IP DECT Base Stations located within the building.

      Services Used

      We conducted a full appraisal of the there costs associated with Calls and Lines. And also issues that were being encountered due to incorrect information contained within BT Openreach exchange records which showed that the customer had 2 ISDN30 Lines with DASS Protocol when they actually only had a single ISDN.

      Diacom Networks Ltd now maintain the entire solution provided including the ZyXEL LAN Switches and provide a one stop shop for there voice and data infrastructure as a trusted IT partner.

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